Today is Valentine’s Day!

11 02 2011

For some people, today is Valentine’s Day. Kids are exchanging valentines in their school classrooms. There are Valentine’s Day parties, and in general, love (or a general positive attitude in favor of liking) is in the air. No matter that the real holiday isn’t for a few days. According to the calendars, Valentine’s Day has been and will probably continue to be on February 14th; not today’s date: February 11th. But alas, not everyone plays by the rules.

My mom works in an elementary school and told me that today in her school, Valentine’s Day is being celebrated. True, this doesn’t make sense, since Valentine’s Day is still on a school day, next Monday. But apparently, the children’s parents who act as the social committee for classrooms, have decided that it would be more conducive to their schedules to help plan a party on a Friday, instead of a Monday. Why should some parents’ schedule mandate when a holiday should be celebrated and taught? This does not seem right to me.

I think this is absolutely absurd. I thought we were supposed to be teaching our children the right thing. But, to teach children that Valentine’s Day falls on a day that isn’t correct, is just a plain lie. So what is going to happen on Monday, when it is for real Valentine’s Day? I was told that nothing special would happen, and that it would be just another ordinary day at school. No pomp, this circumstance will have already occurred.

So like I said, today is apparently Valentine’s Day. Because supposedly all holidays should fall on a Friday. Fridays are apparently the most convenient day of the week, and thus, with convenience, comes reason to celebrate. So get out your doilies, and set out your cute little Valentine card boxes and the cute little decorations and foods. Today is the day to celebrate all things Valentines!




One response

12 02 2011
kevin blumer

cute life at school was so mutch easyer than life is when you are grown up it seems to get more complicated by the day

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