Sunday Funday Sports-Day Win

7 02 2011

Sunday was full of win. And Pittsburgh was full of loss. Let’s review the two most important sports games of Sunday, shall we?  Both of the games that Pittsburgh had teams playing in, were losses for the town of steel. The Penguins loss to the Caps in a shut-out, 3-0, and of course, the Steelers lost to the Packers 31-25. To celebrate, here is an appropriate song:

Oh, wait. Christina Aguilera messing up the lyrics to our National Anthem is not what I meant. Messing up something so easy and ingrained into everyone’s minds probably isn’t the best example of a song appropriate for the occasion. My bad. Instead, try:

Goooo Green Day! Wait, sorry, it was Green Bay who won? Green Bay? Not Green Day? Oh. When I was younger and back in middle school, I always got the two confused. Well, too bad Green Day didn’t win, but speaking of music, can we just review the 45th  Super Bowl half-time show. It was, simply put; AMAZING. I liked The Black Eyed Peas before, but after hearing their medley of hits, I was convinced that I should invest in buying an album of the group’s music. From The Black Eyed Peas’ light-up Tron-like costumes, and the thousands of respective light-up dancers, to the guest appearances by Slash and Usher, the half-time performance was quite the spectacle.

Aside from the obvious things I could write about the actual game play or the plethora of Doritos and Bud Light almost-funny commercials, I’m instead opting to cover something I learned from watching the Super Bowl game. I discovered the art behind many of the Green Bay Packers’ tattoos. Check out Tom Crabtree, Andrew Quarless, and Daryn Colledge’s elaborate tattoos:

And those are just a few of the football players’ tatts. Personally, the tribal sleeve may have been the most impressive tattoo on the Super Bowl field, if not the most noticeable. I’m not typically a fan of tribal tattoos, but that one was pretty successful.

But enough about football. Let’s talk hockey. The Caps played an awesome game against rivals Penguins. Among the highlights, was the Caps’ first goal, scored by Brooks Laich. It was a dirty rebound shot right by the net; something which he has done repeatedly, and has perhaps become his signature method of scoring.

The game had its dirty moments too, with a handful of fights and some bloody hits. It got scary when Mike Green had a slapshot directed right to the side of his head, and went down on the ice with a bloody slash right by his ear. He went off the ice, never to return to the game. Hopefully he won’t be out of play for too long. Mike “K-Nubs” Knuble also left the game with a bloody face.

Last time the Caps had a game on Super Bowl Sunday, they won it too. I think the Caps should continue to play games on this sport-filled Sunday. It seems to do them well. Maybe all sport players get excited for each other. Maybe professional sports players can sense the win in their blood. Or, perhaps the Caps are just that good. Sunday was just not in the cards for a win for Pittsburgh, and frankly, I am ok with that.




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