Magic, Wizards, and Basketball

4 02 2011

The Magic are in town today to play the Wizards. You couldn’t ask for a more appropriate game. Wizards and Magic? Who will win? Wizards create magic, but wizards are only special because of their magic. So which comes first? It’s like the Chicken and the Egg. And I suppose, it doesn’t really matter which came first, since what is more important is who will end up in first.


This whole situation would be even better if you include Magic Johnson. What if he played for the Magic? What if he coached? It would then be Magic’s Magic. How perfect would that be? Magic’s Magic versus a bunch of Wizards.

Maybe this time, the Washington team will feel comfortable for once in a game in their own field of tricks. Perhaps, the Wizards will even win. Boy, would that be a fun game. Let’s just hope they don’t become subject to their own magic. From my background knowledge of these things, if the Magic make a joke of the Wizards, it could get pretty gruesome:




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