One Month Success

3 02 2011

Well, I survived it. I went a whole month by eating like a good vegetarian would. It started out as a joke of a challenge, and ended up as an almost-lifestyle. Almost. Eating did get easier as the month went by. I may have started out sad I couldn’t eat a juicy burger from one of my favorite burger joints, or partaking in one of my mom’s delicious prepared dinners, by the tail-end of the month, but I realized I had more options than I might have originally given credit to having.

I didn’t think I would ever give tofu another chance after one unforgettable and possibly traumatizing dinner back when I was in high school. But due to my non-meat limitations, I found myself eating some sort of meat-substitute where soy was listed as one of the few ingredients. (I’m still not sure what I ate, but since it wasn’t meat, I’m going to assume it was tofu.) So if I learned one thing from this month-long experiment, it was that tofu isn’t necessarily awful.

So now I leave this experiment with a question at hand. Do I continue on with my vegetarianism ways? I initially started this journey in an effort to lose weight, and I did, so that was successful. And I’m afraid that if I go back to eating meat like my old ways, that I’ll gain the weight back, which is not something I’d like to do. I discussed this with my dad and he suggested that I try a similar diet for the next month. Perhaps I should go a month by eliminating carbs or sweets/sugars from my diet. Carbs seems doable, though not being able to eat cereal, which has become quite a staple in my life, would be sorrowing. I’m considering sticking with the vegetarian thing, and eating meat/fish on special occasions. I have been hankering for some chicken wings and the Super Bowl is coming up.

So we’ll see where this leads me. I’ll probably just stick with this whole non-meat thing for now, until I can come up with a new plan of action. It hasn’t been difficult, so why stop now? If anyone has any other diet suggestions, I would be interested in your ideas.





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