What Does February Mean To You?

2 02 2011

Welcome to February. For many of you, the second month of the year brings to mind a holiday that either many people love or hate. Some months are defined by their key holiday: October = Halloween; November = Thanksgiving; December = various religious winter solstice holidays; and February is no exception: Valentine’s Day.

And that’s all well, but I want to turn February around. Instead of focusing this month on the idea that people need to be coupled up and fall in love in order to be happy, I want to bring the attention of this month elsewhere. I’m sure I can come up with a few other reason why February is a special month. For one, it’s a few days shorter than your standard 30 or 31-days. It’s not every month you can have a birthday on a sometimes non-existant day that only appears every four years, too.

February is also Black History Month. While I may not be black or have any known black ancestry, I can still totally appreciate black history and culture just as much, if not more than your average person. Some of my favorite people in history have been black, such as Duke Ellington, Sam Gilliam, Ella Fitzgerald, Sam Cooke, Scott Joplin, Harry Belafonte, just to name a few. Frankly, I’ve often found myself preferring this kind of scene:

What else is so great about this short-stacked month? Well, today is Groundhog Day. Not many months get to boast that they can start out by predicting the weather. That, my friends, is pretty impressive. I realize that a furry little animal has apparently only predicted correctly something like 39% of the time, but no matter, this idea that the animals know best about the weather, isn’t a new concept.

If animals who think they can predict the future isn’t your bag, then what about paying homage to some of our nations greatest presidents? In February, we have President’s Day, which is even better because for some it means a day off from school or work. Actually, the official governmental name for this day is Washington’s Birthday, which is kind of dumb because it completely disregard’s the fact that Lincoln’s birthday is also this month. I guess it is only worth celebrating the first PUSA’s birth? Anyways, if you want to celebrate each of their birthdays, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is the 12th, and George Washington’s birthday is the 22nd.

As you can see, there are plenty of other great reasons to celebrate February. Of course, those are just a few other reasons to celebrate the second month of the year. There should be no reason why an artificial holiday supposedly created by a greeting card company should take all the attention for February. So next time you dread this month and all its lovey-dovey commercialism, I hope you can instead focus on February’s other worthwhile qualities.




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