Finding Love on the Metro

1 02 2011

Somehow I keep a glimmer of hope in my mind that perhaps the Metro could be good for something. With the mass number of people always on the Metro, I find that perhaps the Metro could be taken advantage of as a sort of meeting place. In short, I think it could be great for meeting a guy. This underground transportation is not a surprising place to meet people, as it has quite the overflowing population. True, the Metro is not your ordinary locale for meeting future/potential relationship material, but with all the prospects milling around, it’s hard not to think of all the possibilities. Take my morning commute yesterday…

Yesterday morning on the Metro, I shared a moment with a total stranger. We imitated all stages of your typical relationship:  flirting, falling in love, becoming intimate, growing apart, and separating -and all was done without speaking a word to each other. It wasn’t dirty either, but I could sense there was a mutual interest. I kept catching a rather good looking guy standing near me on the extra-crowded train glancing at me. The little looks we exchanged was the flirting. We became intimate when, at an especially popular stop, we had to move up close against each other to let our fellow passengers off the train. After that stop, the train had more space and (like a typical guy who seeks to flee after say, a one-night stand), my new “friend” took advantage of his new roaming room and moved away from me. And then the next thing I know, he gets off at the next stop, and our little rendezvous had been broken up.

With all this being said, I do want to remind you of a quote I have become famous for saying to my friend: “I check out guys 24/7!” No, I’m not creepy, but this point should be made since I am frequently on the Metro and thus, always on the look-out for cute guys. So maybe this notion of finding love on the Metro is just something appropriate for someone like me. Someone who can’t seem to find love in a conventional place like a party, or bar, or (gasp!-) the internet. And it’s not like this idea is that bizarre. I’ve heard of couples getting married who have met while on the Metro. So it’s totally doable. So that glint of hope remains that perhaps my most despised place in Washington, could in fact serve as being useful.




One response

1 02 2011

lol, I really find this quite interesting. Maybe, that’s the same thing I keep looking for within the lines of my poetry 😀 Thank you for sharing.


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