31 01 2011

Do not be intimidated. But be forewarned: this week’s Thoughts From Last Week is chock full o’ goodness! There are so many thoughts in today’s edition, I just don’t know what to do with myself! (Well, ok, that’s a lie. I know that I should post them for y’all.) There are so many posts below, you may not know how to handle it. But I assure you, they are all little bits of awesome. So sit back, relax, and don’t touch that dial -err, computer mouse? And enjoy the show!


OMG the animated old “flip book style ad” between the Metro Center and Chinatown Metro stops is back in order. Remember the movie, Coraline? Love the end of the ad- “coming Feb. 2009.” A little late for that, no? Then again, the Metro isn’t really known for its timeliness…

Came to work at the same time as the President today. Noticed the motorcade as I left the Metro. I was wondering what was causing the unusual (yes, I know, even for DC’s morning commute) congestion of stopped traffic in front of my building.

When OV talks in English, he slurs together his words. Maybe he was taught to do that (or he learned it) to disguise him not being totally comfortable with his non-native language?

If the Wizards changed their name back to the Bullets, and the Mystics had to follow suit, what would they be called? The Derringers? That would be cool.

The Derringer was commonly a woman's gun.

Yeah! Varly’s back! And MD has snow! All is well in the winter world.

Halloween costume idea: white sweatpants, white sweatshirt -hoodie up. Apply stickers and decorate to look like an astronaut. Attach (or carry) a clear (fish)bowl as a helmet.

OMG there’s a crazy man on the Metro. Not talking to himself-crazy, just acting totally unreasonable. He is sitting in an aisle seat and there is a girl who is standing next to him. He keeps complaining to her that the paper she is reading, keeps wafting air in his direction, which he does not like. She does not understand though, since her paper isn’t actually touching him; it’s just causing his personal space to be compromised. Although for her sake, the notion of personal space isn’t something that can be had on a crowded train. After a few exchanges, she decides to fold her paper in half so as not to further disturb him… and she moves away.

After waiting on a train with problems opening its doors (for the second stop), the conductor-driver is heard yelling, “open up!” (to the doors?!) A few people chuckled. Lol.

Paula Deen = Pauly D???

Paula Deen


Pauly D

“It’s the year of the Sally.”

Someone on the Metro was holding a bag from Baby Gap, only part of the bag was obstructed. All I saw was, “Baby G.” I thought that sounded like a pretty cool store name.




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