Nicklas Backstrom Sighting?

28 01 2011

I may have seen Nicklas Backstrom walking in my neighborhood last night! True story. It would not be uncommon for this to occur, as my neighborhood of Friendship Heights is pretty swanky. Even the likes of Alex Ovechkin, has been spotted shopping at Mazza Gallerie’s Saks Fifth Avenue a few months ago. So the following story could very well be true…

See? Backstrom even owns the hat I saw!

I walked by a guy walking with an older man. They were walking along Western Ave. towards Wisconsin Ave., about to cross Wisconsin at the intersection. The younger guy was wearing a white knit hat with red and blue stripes that looked like a Caps Winter Classic hat. It was too dark to really see him, but the guy looked like he could have been Nicklas Backstrom! I stared at him, trying to confirm my suspicion. He seemed like he saw me. I was wearing my knit Caps hat as well (though mine is blue and with the older logo with the capitol building). It looked like he was leaving dinner at the fancy steak house, The Capitol Grille.

Like I said, this totally could have been him, and in my mind, it probably was. When I gushed my maybe-sighting to my mom, she told me she would not be surprised if it was him. So folks, while I may not have gotten confirmation on this sighting… yes, I’m going to say that I am 90% confident that I really did see Nicklas Backstrom roaming in my neighborhood, just a mere couple of blocks from where I live.




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