28 01 2011

Happy snow-filled Friday, folks! Thank you for reading my blog, day after day, so today I have decided to reward you all. Today I am introducing a contest to the fabulous readers of CAPSLove. And why not? Who doesn’t like a contest? This contest will of course be fun and the winner(s) will indeed be awarded a nifty prize.

This contest will go on for as long as it needs to, until I have a worthy winner, so no need to worry about a time constraint. Curious for more? Well, I am asking for an illustration. This means is can be any pictorial image you come up with that you are most comfortable with producing. I only ask that the final file be electronic in the form of a JPG or PDF. I am seeking an illustration that can best capture a common plight that has been occurring due to the latest wintry conditions.

With all the snow that the DC area got a few nights ago, I have heard of a few reports of power outages due to transformers exploding from the lightning.” So that is the challenge. Create an illustration of a Transformer (like Optimus Prime or the like) exploding from a bolt of lightning, and it snowing in the background. I’m seeking out something pretty epic and fantastic, so let your imaginations run wild.
I know you all are probably wondering what the prize is for the winner (and honorable mentions if there are any). Well, I have a few things I can dole out. I have a gently-worn pair of shoes (inquire within), an Obama sticker, a coin purse, neat-o pencils, posters, and more. I assure you that if you win, you can have your choice of your prize. But, probably the greatest prize of all will be that your winning image will be uploaded to this very blog! I have never actually shared my blog with anybody else’s content, so this is an honorary first for such a winner. I know it’s pretty exciting.
So get your creative minds tinkering! This weekend, when you’re staying home staying out of the cold and hoping for your electricity to come back on, you can keep yourself busy by getting those hands moving! (Oh, ok, that’s what she said!) I can’t wait to see those awesome entries…



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