The Worst Job

27 01 2011

When I was a kid, I always dreamt up what job I would have as an adult. Like a typical kid, I fantasized about all the possibilities. Like everyone I know, I went through a phase of wanting to be a Veterinarian, in order to hang around furry little pets every day. I also thought about working as an actress, an artist, a farmer, and dozens of other ideas.

And then there were the jokes of what could possibly be the worst job to have. Many of my friends offered up a janitor, or a garbage collector. All of these were fair ideas, though my thoughts turned to a more practical, yet still unfortunate job. I decided that being a teacher had got to be the worst job. I was always frustrated with having to do night after night of homework. I vowed never to be a teacher. Teachers were like, the ultimate enemy of children. The worst of them would force upon hours of turmoil and work, something I never wanted to have to put upon those just like myself.

No, I have concluded that the real worst job to have is to be a snow plow driver. Nobody likes a snow plower. Snow plows enable streets to be clear of the fabulous, cold, white stuff that so many people (myself included) love. Now, I understand snow strands people who can not drive in it and cabin fever isn’t something most people look forward to. But- snow in the streets also makes it so people can not get to work, thus creating school and work closings. It seems that most people do not like their jobs, so not going in to work, is looked highly upon. But when the snow plows come and crush those hopes and dreams of having a snow day off of work, it sure seems like that would be the most despised job.




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