One Of My Favorite Hockey Players

26 01 2011

It’s not every day that CAPSLove will acknowledge a hockey player that is amazing… who isn’t on the Capitals. I admit however, that there are a select few hockey players who deserve the attention and love from CAPSLove. Fortunately, the majority of said hockey players are former Caps, so the notion of dedication is still present. One of these former Capitals players is the subject of today’s post.

I love Steve Eminger.

-And I’m not afraid to let people know. Steve Eminger appealed to me from an early age and introduction to hockey. He seemed like the “Quiet Beatle” on the Caps. He was the guy who most people didn’t know much about, the guy behind the scenes and the glory, who may have hung back from stardom. But that’s ok with me. I realize that he might not have many fans, but I’m an equal opportunity Caps lover, and I wanted to take a chance on Steve E.

Eminger was the Caps’ 12th round pick back in 2002. He played on and off with the Caps and a minor league team his first few years, still trying to get his feet wet in the NHL, as the Caps gave him a chance. He stayed within the Caps organization until 2008, where he was sadly traded away to the despised Flyers. I was heartbroken. Sure, I admit that Eminger may not have fit in well with the Capitals team, but he sure tried his darndest! True, Eminger had been a healthy scratch for much of his last year as a Cap. That was the inevitable sure sign that any player would get the boot. It was pretty sad that Eminger wasn’t getting the playing time, and then to see him go, and to top it off- with the Flyers, that was just terrible.

After a year with the Flyers, he then split his time in the 2008-09 season with both of the Florida teams; first with the Tampa Bay Lightning, and then with the Florida Panthers. Eminger must have enjoyed the sunny beaches in Florida, because the next year, he was traded once more to the Anaheim Ducks. The sunshine and the relaxation in these beach towns must have done some good for Steve Eminger, because this year he finally came back to the East Coast to the successful and popular New York Rangers.

From the few games I have seen Steve Eminger play in with his new team in New York, I have noticed a big improvement in his game play. In the past three games the Caps have played the Rangers, I have been delighted to see that Eminger has really stepped up his game. Maybe it is because he’s playing a former team he spent so much time with and thus, knows how they play, but Eminger has gotten a lot of ice time against the Caps. That’s just great. From rarely playing with the Caps to playing a lot with the Rangers, maybe Steve is really at home in the Big Apple. I was excited to see the camera so often on Eminger in the past few games he has played the Caps. He was on the puck, defending his goal, and stopping some great players.

So here’s to you, Steve Eminger! He may not have had the most consistent hockey career, but he’s still at his game and ready for whatever comes his way. I admire his versatility with playing on multiple teams in a short period of time. On the one, memorable occasion I got to meet him, Steve Eminger was one of the nicest players I have ever met, which definitely earned him the award of one of my favorite players of all time. I really hope that Steve Eminger continues to flourish with the Rangers. He seems to have earned his spot on the team, and while it pains me to root for him on a team that has a negative history with my Caps, I’ll still cheer him on, because I love Steve Eminger.




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