24 01 2011

Welcome back to another entertaining week of Thoughts From Last Week! Apparently this whole going vegan thing has gotten to me, since as you can see, the majority of my thoughts have been focused on …food. I also explore a few fantastic artists who all share a common thread, that I may not have been aware of. Isn’t learning just great? I also touch upon the latest video game phenomenon and a new duo of bandits are in town. Get ready! Get set! It’s TFLW edition 23!


Oreo’s new slogan is, “lick or be licked.” How scandalous!

Artists I didn’t know were gay: Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, David Hockney, Langston Hughes. Cool!

Robert Rauschenberg

Jasper Johns

David Hockney

Langston Hughes

Just darted past a guy standing in front of the Verizon Center talking to himself. I heard him saying, “Why do I have to stand here?” It was funny, cute, and scary.

The greatest thing is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on toasted bread. Thank you, Potbelly’s for feeding this hungry vegan.

[A poem I wrote about something I was looking forward to eating when I got home from a night out in Capitol Hill:]

Brussel sprouts

brussel sprouts

brussel sprouts

brussel sprouts.

I would not feel comfortable making birds angry.


What makes American cheese so American?

…The Birthday Bandits strike again!




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