Michelle Obama Brightens My Day

21 01 2011

Today was a rather dry day of news for me. Nothing special to report on this long-awaited Friday (although then again, what Friday isn’t long-awaited for?). I thumbed my way through this morning’s Express paper, hoping that something would reach out to me, something I could use as blogging material. Negative.

But as I was about to toss the paper (into the recycling, of course), I remembered an especially memorable image I had seen in the paper. It was a photo of our First Lady speaking at a Wal-Mart. It was a normally mundane news item about Mrs. Obama acting out to try to get Wal-Mart to sell healthier foods in its grocery aisles. However, the image was amazing. There was a rainbow of fruits in the background, and in the foreground was a pleasantly sparky, Michelle, with a smart tweed sleeveless top on. (Of course. Because her adoring fans need to see those famous arms of hers!) But the best part of this photo was her new hairdo. It was shorter and refreshingly flipped out. It was a super fun new look which effectively emulates the First Lady’s exuberance and energy.

First I will show the “before” picture. Before today, we have all grown accustomed to seeing Michelle with here almost signature medium-short length cut that was simple and straight. It looked good on her as she wore it well:

But compare that “standard” look to today’s look. Here is the picture from today’s paper that I just absolutely love:

Doesn’t Michelle look so effortlessly chic? I’m no stylist, but I can recognize a good look on someone when I see it. Mrs. Obama has really captured a great image for herself here. I’m hoping to see this new ‘do more often in the future!




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