Go Team Birthday!

14 01 2011

Tonight, local radio station, DC101 is hosting a 21st birthday party for Caps sensation, John Carlson (who actually turned 21 on Monday the 10th). The morning show, Elliot in the Morning hosts the party for the now-legal drinking aged player. In the past, they hosted similar parties for young’uns, Nicklas Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin, both parties of which I attended.

Now, Alex Ovechkin’s 21st birthday party was one of (the two) best nights of my life. It was amazing. The bar it was at (which is under a new name and owner currently) was hopping with multiple floors of entertainment. I got to talk to and get my picture with the birthday boy, way back when he had all of his teeth. It was magical. I even cracked a joke with Ovie.

Alex and Elliot

Ovechkin's birthday cake

Backstrom’s birthday party was a couple years ago. That was also a fun occasion, though this time, the bar was different, (RFD’s) and I didn’t get the one-on-one contact like I had with Ovie. This party also took longer to get underway and while it was less crazy as Ovechkin’s birthday, it was also a little more boring, with more waiting time for things to happen.

Nicklas toasts the crowd!

One of the two birthday cakes for Backstrom.

So tonight is John Carlson’s 21st celebration and I’m unsure if I want to attend. Of course I like going to events where the Caps are present. I especially enjoy going to social parties for the players, on a more “intimate” scale than say a hockey game with thousands of people around.  But, it’s John Carlson. And no offense to the kid, but he’s a kid! And plus, I haven’t found myself as attracted to him as I am to some of the other players. But my real excuse is that I don’t know if I can get downtown in time for the party, without risking missing any of tonight’s game. The party begins right after the game, though if it’s anything like Backstrom’s party, maybe coming later and forgoing all that waiting around might work out.

Birthday Boy, John Carlson

Then again, I am still going to try to go anyways. It’s a birthday party, and who doesn’t like birthday parties!? -Especially those at bars, for 21 year olds. It’s got to be fun, right? Besides, there is only one remaining soldier on the team who has yet to turn 21. It won’t be until October 6th (around the start of the next season) when Marcus Johansson joins the ranks of Caps players legally allowed to consume alcohol -at least in the U.S. of A.

"MoJo" as he is sometimes called, is now the baby of the team.

In other birthday-related news, the Baltimore Ravens’ star player, Joe Flacco turns 26 this Sunday. The Ravens play their mortal enemy, the Steelers on Saturday and the winner of that game continues in the playoffs to the Super Bowl. This could either provide Joe for a fabulous birthday present of an advancement win, or a pretty depressing day after a saddening loss birthday gift. I guess it’s just a good thing that his birthday isn’t on the same day of the game, just because there is so much pressure riding on this game, and who needs that on your birthday?!

Good luck, Joe Flacco!

So with this three day weekend, I wish a very happy birthday to some great birthday guys. Happy (belated) birthday to you, John Carlson. Hopefully I will see you tonight. And have a hopefully happy and restful birthday to you, Joe Flacco. Good luck in your game tomorrow! Go Ravens! Go Caps! Go Team Birthday!





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