Where’s The Snow?

12 01 2011

I am so bummed. You might see snow outside now, but in my mind, it might as well be a pleasant, spring day. When we got the historical, Snowmageddon last year, I was the happiest camper the D.C. area had seen. As you can tell, I love snow. And this complete lack of a real snow is making me sad.

Now, being a native Washingtonian, I understand my unfortunate fate. Washington, D.C. just isn’t a typically snowy place in the winter. But last year gave me hope. We got not just one blizzard, but two -in one winter season. That’s just amazing. And the wonderful Snowmageddon, as it was dubbed, brought many fantastic moments such as the epic Dupont Circle Snowball Fight (which even had its own online store of memorabilia!). The season also brought about one of my all-time favorite videos that a couple of local residents created: http://vimeo.com/9316949.

By this time last year, we had already experienced one major blizzard. Where’s the snow this year? Now, ok, I am not forgetting the snowfall we had last month to ensure so many of you could have a “White Christmas”. And yes, that was a decent amount of snow -for D.C., but it only stuck around for a few short days. And sure, I should be thankful that we got some more accumulation last night, but really, getting excited about a few inches is starting to get depressing.

This is a fine example of how lame a few inches of snow can look.

So far, we have already seen two awful examples of how Mother Nature is giving the D.C. area her middle finger. In this first image, we can see that much of the southern part of the continent is in green, which depicts a warmer climate. As the key shows, the white area represents places getting snow, and yellow shows where there was ice. This was the forecast just following Christmas, which was around the time we were hit with the blizzard last year. So right where D.C. is located, Mother Nature has decided to smudge her green thumb on us. Ugh, thanks a lot, Mom.

But alas, that was not the first time our dear old, Mother Prankster would mess with our snow-hoping minds. Apparently, the first time was not enough, so we were more recently graced with the next image. This pictorial of the predicted weather for this week, shows a similar plight for the D.C. area. As you can see, there is a clear hole of non-purple (“Winter Weather Advisory”) area right around where D.C. is. However, obviously, finicky Mother Nature had the last laugh on her, as there is apparently snow on the ground right now.

Nonetheless, there is a complete lack of a significant snowfall, which is the underlying message here. Escaping to Boston or New York, while a viable option, won’t help D.C.’s campaign to get actual snow. Even President Obama commented when he first took office a few years ago on how wimpy the D.C. area’s views of snowfall were. Thank you sir! I don’t have a good method to get D.C. more snow,  but whatever the area was able to muster up to accomplish a blizzard or two last year; we should hone in on right around now.




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