A Historical Day

11 01 2011

Today is going down in history. Something absolutely remarkable happened today, and it isn’t the date (1/11/11), although that too, is pretty awesome. No, my friends, today shall be forever remembered today as the day I learned to do something I have always wanted to do but was never able to do… until this day. The feat I had always envied people of being able to accomplish so effortlessly was to blow a bubble out of gum.

It’s a sad, but true story. Until today, I was never able to master the seemingly mysterious art of crafting a bubble out of gum. I tried for many days with no results. I could not for the life of me understand how to blow air into the gum without it popping out of my mouth. My little brother was my greatest and most dedicated teacher.

This morning I found a leftover goodie bag from my co-worker’s daughter’s recent birthday party. Inside was a smattering of candy. I picked through and unwrapped a piece of Super Bubble gum. I hadn’t chewed this simple treat in years, and was oddly looking forward to its sweet and chalky flavor.

I popped the innocent piece of candy into my mouth and started chewing the hard piece right away to soften it up. With a name like, Super Bubble, I figured I might as well give the gum the old college try and blow a bubble. Now, granted, I want it to be known, that this piece may have also been the first piece of bubble gum, rather than simply chewing gum, I tried to blow a bubble with, since I started getting serious in learning this skill. So that definitely helped make progress.

After a few tries, and the aid of looking in a mirror, I had finally blown a legitimate bubble! I was ecstatic. A few more bubbles reassured myself that my initial success was not just a fluke. I had indeed somehow figured out how to blow a bubble of gum!

With this new discovery that I am not actually gum-bubble-blowing disabled, I feel like a brand new person. I feel empowered! I can do anything if I put my mind (and jaw) to it. (Wow, that’s what she said? Ha.) Anyways, with this new-found feeling of accomplishment, also comes determination to be persistent. Now, I want to go out and buy a ton of bubble gum to practice my new talent. Hooray!





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12 01 2011

I am so proud of you.

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