10 01 2011

Last week proved to be a week full of New Years resolutions and changes of heart. A fresh beginning, if you will. On Sunday January 2nd, I decided to go vegetarian for as long as I could (Still going strong, though I decided I couldn’t live without fish/seafood). I also decided to limit my carbs. I was going to lose weight, gosh darn it! In another effort to change my lifestyle, I decided to start regularly hitting up the gym in my apartment building with my friend. This week also brought about some apparently obvious (by what is shown below) feelings I developed about the dating scene. This past week was about change!


One of my resolutions this year is to text less and talk on the phone more. I strive to use phones more often for their original intended purpose. I don’t care that so many of my friends feel differently.

“Expectations are disappointments under construction.” – the TV show apparently about my life, “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys”

OMG There was an old lady in the gym who I swear wasn’t wearing any pants -just a really long t-shirt.

“Sex For Dinner.” -What I perceive most guys want to do on a date. This could also be a fantastic name for a (dating) blog or book.

New Years Resolution: Have fewer jerks in my life. Guess I would rather be single than be hopeful that at least I’m dating someone- even if they are a jerk. Cue this song:

After exercising at the gym a couple of times, I have concluded the following: the first 15 minutes are the hardest, the next 30 are fine, but it’s the last 15 minutes that makes you feel great. …I LOVE the feeling you get after working out.

Song of the Weekend:

My brother was being bitter around me and my family because he was having troubles with his girlfriend. When I expressed my dissatisfaction with his mood, he said something like, “You would know about this if you were in a relationship.” Ouch. That is a harsh, low blow. A LOW blow.




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