Sneakers In The Office

7 01 2011

Although it’s a Friday, my office still has pretty strict rules about what we are allowed to wear to work. So it’s a pretty strange feeling sitting at my desk right now, with sneakers on my feet. In continuation of yesterday’s post, my co-worker did indeed bring in a slightly worn pair of shoes for me this morning. Since my co-worker is leaving early today, she informed me that I had a limiting time to decide if I wanted to keep the shoes… so I tried them on right away.

Before I opened the box, I was weary of what they would look like. These Heelys were in fact, shoes that belonged to a not-yet 16 year old girl. However, when I first opened the shoebox, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the color and style of the pair, was something I could imagine myself wearing. The shoes are predominantly white, which black and powder blue detailing. I couldn’t find a picture online of the same style, but they look something like these:


Though not pink or shiny, and they don't have the gems.

This is close to the style, but mine have more black and are low tops.

So my first impression after putting the shoes on, is that sadly they are a little too small. (A 1/2 size smaller than what I normally wear.) But then again, I’m wearing somewhat thick socks today, and I do have thinner socks that might make the shoes slightly more comfortable. So I stood up from my desk and tried to walk in them. I couldn’t really quite figure out how to walk in these shoes, but I figured that I could always walk on the balls of my feet in a sort of half-tip-toe manner. It was a little odd.

I wanted to try out the skating side to these shoes, but I don’t normally walk around with a wheel in the back of my foot, so I couldn’t figure out how to roll without falling backwards. I asked my co-worker how you were supposed to “skate” in the Heelys. She told me that apparently you are suggested to get a running start and then glide while leaning back. Our mostly carpeted office is set up with a linoleum pathway that goes between our desks. It’s basically a runway and is a straight shot. It looked ideal for trying out the shoes, but unfortunately, it leads in the direction of my boss’ desk, and I can imagine he wouldn’t be too keen on seeing me rolling on some sneakers coming in his direction in the office.

But like I said, I’m not used to having a wheel in my heel. I’m more of a fan of in-line skating or ice skating, where your entire foot is lined with the means to propel you. I decided that I had better wait to get rolling in this mind-bogglling pair of shoes. Perhaps tonight, I will go home and get all my unnecessary-looking padding and helmet on to safely try out these innocent-looking pair of sneakers. I’m prepared to look odd, but I’m not ready to injure myself over a pair of children’s shoes. I just hope I can easily master the “art” of properly wearing these Heelys without having to walk around wearing a helmet or falling down every few seconds!




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