Free Shoes!

6 01 2011

Nice! I just scored myself a free pair of shoes in potentially my size. Even better, the shoes are a style/brand I have been wanting for a good, long time now. I did not think it would be possible to ever get these shoes, but apparently I was wrong. It all started with a friend’s facebook status-turned conversation:

Yes folks, the shoes in question here are Heelys, the popular kid’s shoes with a heel in the bottom. Part roller skate, part shoe, I have always admired this clever form of footwear. Up until today, I was under the impression that these shoes were only available to their initial target audience of kids. It saddened me to think that these wheeled shoes would not be available for an “adult” (I use this term loosely) like myself. But this conversation perked me up.

I love the colors on this shoe.

So I did my research and went to the Heely’s website. I was delighted to see that their homepage that featured an older (aka: not a child) wearing the shoes, doing skating tricks. This was great! I told my co-worker about my fantastic discovery, to which my co-worker responded that this was not only the truth, but very convenient for her that I not only like these shoes but wanted a pair.

Lucky for me, my co-worker’s daughter happens to have a pair of these shoes that while she hasn’t worn them in a long time, she can’t seem to part with them. And my co-worker has been trying to get rid of them. When I asked what size her daughter wears, I was told that both she and her daughter wear the same size shoes, anywhere between 9-10. That is what I wanted to hear, since I’m a solid 9.5 shoe size. So now I am doing both of us a good service! Hopefully she’ll bring in the shoes tomorrow and all will be awesome.




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7 01 2011
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[…] a pretty strange feeling sitting at my desk right now, with sneakers on my feet. In continuation of yesterday’s post, my co-worker did indeed bring in a slightly worn pair of shoes for me this morning. Since my […]

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