CAPSLove Loves the Caps… Really!

5 01 2011

It has recently come to my attention that here at CAPSLove, I have not been writing so much about the Caps as I should. With a blog name that expresses my adoration for such a fabulous team, you would expect that there would be more posts on here about my favorite sports team. And for this I apologize. Somehow I did not think that the Caps game I went to vs. the Penguins was not something worth blogging about. But more importantly, I let the new year get in the way of a very important piece of Caps history: The NHL Winter Classic.

The Winter Classic was awesome. That’s not just because the Caps won, although that was a huge contributing factor. First of all, it was awesome that the Caps were chosen to participate in the game at all. There have only been three other Winter Classic games before this one, so it is quite an honor. (Though, why the Penguins have played in two of these special games is beyond me.)

Also, for a game being played in enemy territory, the crowd was pretty amazing. The Steelers’ stadium was so filled with fans that there was even a Standing Room Only section. Now that is impressive! I also heard that the number of people watching the game on TV was over a million, nationwide. I love that this Ovechkin/Crosby rivalry is so hot.

Something memorable about this game was that even with all the hype surrounding the game’s two biggest star players, neither Sid the Kid, nor Alex the Great scored a goal in the game. Sure, Malkin, the Robin to Sidney’s Batman scored the first goal of the game, but that seemed rather downplayed in the scheme of things.

The players on Washington’s club to score were not the hyped-up guys either. One goal by K-Nubs (a.k.a: Mike Knuble) and two by Eric Fehr, were probably not what most fans were predicting. But hey, I’m sure not going to complain. Besides, Fehr’s second goal (and game-winner) was probably one of the most clean-cut, simple, and beautiful shots I have ever seen. Man, I could watch that goal on repeat for a while…

Aside from a beauty of a goal, and the great game play, the Winter Classic was memorable for a certain commercial. This commercial, shows something (until then) made up, dubbed the Ovechtrick. The Ovechtrick, as it is so aptly named, is when Ovechkin (or anyone else for that matter) scores nine times. The commercial was shown a few times throughout the game, and aside from the Caps’ win, was definitely the best part of the evening. (I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t end up going to the game, for I’d have missed the ad!)

Finally, in other fantastic Caps business, is the most recent ad in the series for SportsCenter, where they show popular sports players hanging around their office. In this fantastic commercial, a few of the Russian players are targeted in the spot’s joke. Not only is the commercial amusing because it pokes fun at the sneaky Russians, but it’s also pretty appropriate for a team located in Washington, D.C.

Of course, these are just a few reasons why everyone should admire the Capitals these days. I am woefully sorry that I did not report these feats of awesomeness earlier. But, this is CAPSLove, and the love would of course eventually be shown for this blog’s namesake. Hopefully in this new year, I will try to blog more about the Caps. I consider it my civil duty to you adoring CAPSLove fans out there!




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5 01 2011

Love this post. Its not too long, its great!

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