The Cotton Anniversary

3 01 2011

Yesterday, January 2, was the second anniversary of CAPSLove. Apparently the second anniversary is the Cotton Anniversary. I guess giving cotton to a two year-old is pretty safe, but for a blog, it’s kind of boring. So, in lieu of giving myself a congratulatory piece of cotton, I’m opting to share these cotton-related items with you:

The Cotton Club sure looked like the place to be, back in the day. Too bad I wasn’t alive in the 1930s, or else I would most likely be there. And Duke Ellington is definitely one of my all-time favorite musicians. So, speaking of The Cotton Club, Ellington’s song, Cottontail is aptly one of my favorite songs:

In other related items, this next cotton-related song is a classic. This song is a fun, western-type dance hit that is often played at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and weddings. Thanks to Red Nex, we have the ever-popular, Cotton Eyed Joe.

And then there’s a fun little instrumental with a title of the candy with a cotton-like look and consistency, Cotton Candy! I have never heard this song by Al Hirt until now, but it’s definitely a great song.

Basically from what I can conclude about this post is that cotton is a good inspiration for writing music. If you are ever in a music-writing rut, I would suggest turning to cotton. It sure seems to be a great solution. -Or at least it has been for these fine examples.





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