3 01 2011

Today I bring you the New Year’s edition of Thoughts From Last Week (or so). I’ve been gone all this past week on vacation, so this week’s post is a collection of my New Year’s thoughts. [While there may be a couple thoughts from my vacation,] they are basically from New Year’s Eve (in which I ventured to the Ottobar in Baltimore) and New Year’s Day (when I watched the fabulous NHL Winter Classic with the epic matchup of the Caps vs. the Pens). Happy New Year’s, y’all!


“I lost 13 lbs. in six days. A new record. Time to hit the (airport’s) full body scanners! Woo boy!”

“Well, we’re doing an evacuation drill [on the cruise boat] and the staff are handing out life preserver vests. When my family and I asked for them, we were told we didn’t need them. This should be interesting…”

“Jesus was bi. Spread the rumor and the love.”

“I am f*ing listening to a song that goes, ‘take your clothes off’ and ‘get naked!‘ Just wow.”

“There is no such thing as a G6. There just isn’t.”

“The Pens’ coach has such a dapper hat on. What is that all about?!?”

“The Greatest Pizza Invention: discuss. Little bro says deep dish. My dad says home delivery. Other brother says the pizza cutter. My mom says cooking on a stone. I say square shaped pizza.”

“The McDonalds logo is on the Caps (and Pens?) penalty box: ‘I’m lovin’ it.’ Really McDonalds? You love the penalties? You care that much about hockey penalties? Doubtful.”

“I had a depressive quarter life crisis talk with my dad tonight about what I can do to make me happier and he suggested the notion of a boyfriend. I replied that it’s easier said than done. Boy, howdy, if he only knew about my trials and tribulations!”

“Some people have New Year’s Resolutions that they can never seem to accomplish and that keep getting repeated year after year. The most common example is that most people aim to lose weight. My repeated resolution has been to get a boyfriend. How depressing.”




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