Favorite Posts of 2010: Part 4

31 12 2010

So here we are, in the last installment of The Best Of 2010. Thank You for sticking with CAPSLove in these last few days of the year. I really appreciate it. Today we’re covering the end of the year, with the months October, November, and December. So off we go into the wild, blue yonder!

October was a fruitful month, with the countdown to Halloween among many highlights. But one of the real highlights came in a post I wrote upon the beginning of the Caps season. This post welcomed a few new players to the team. Many people liked this post, which I thought was pretty neat.

Another memorable few days came when I directly observed the filming of a pretty epic movie in our nation’s capital. True, I may not know much about the movie, but it sure caused a lot of stir for a week or so when the cast and crew were in town.

November brought upon much excitement as I began my journey to connect with a celebrity. This time, it was not just another celebrity stalking case of mine. This time, it was personal!

That month, I wrote another one of my favorite posts of the year, though this time it was in more of an educational tone. In this post I was able to express myself through my college studies. I felt this post was especially fabulous because it showed off my smarts in what I studied for my minor in school. It was like a mini-paper I would have written for a class.

And last but not least, was this month of December. While I realize this month is not over… yet, I feel like I can still recount a couple of highlights. First off is the monumental post in which I finally got around to learning something new. Something I had vowed to learn as a new year’s resolution for this past year. It was about time, too!

And finally, I review a fantastic film that I had been itching to see for a long time. But this wasn’t just any ordinary review. I wrote this as a comparison to one of the best rides I’ve ever been on at an amusement park. I am very proud of this post as it displays the magnificent writing skills I have developed while working on this blog.

So there you have it. The best moments of 2010 at CAPSLove. Thank you for sticking with me to the end of the year, and I look forward to entertaining you in the coming year of 2011. So have a wonderful and happy New Year’s. You’ve been a swell audience. And in case I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!




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