Favorite Posts of 2010: Part 3

30 12 2010

Well, we’re more than half-way through the great year of 2010. So let’s continue our review of my top blog post picks of this year. Today we’re covering July, August, and September: the summer months. While D.C. may not boast having the most pleasant summers, I’m sure it did spawn some pretty fabulous posts for CAPSLove. So let’s delve in…

July seems to have been a good month of blogging for me, as it is difficult to chose just two of the greatest posts from that month. But, I have to highlight a major event of technology for me. I was introduced to something that I have been missing out on for a long time, and I welcomed this change.

This was also the month a very long-awaited restaurant finally opened its doors to the public. I went, I saw, I conquered, and I enjoyed. If you have yet to go to this celebrity chef’s joint, you should go. Now.

August 24th was the first day I started a now pretty popular weekly series in CAPSLove. That was the memorable day that started it all. My, how we’ve grown since then.

How could I forget this gem of a post! This post is where I detailed out the best way to play (and win) at a popular drinking game. I shared my valuable knowledge to all who either can just not get the hang of it or who need to brush up and review their skills. I like to think that this was one of my better posts of the year, of only for it’s self-help value.

In September I took a surprisingly memorable trip down south and recapped with a post about certain food groups that us East Coasters may not be familiar with. This trip changed my life. And this post made me hungry.

This month I also got the unfortunate opportunity to explore the inner workings of a DC Public Transportation system, or at least part of it. This was a pretty awful experience and while the post gets a little lengthy, it’s worth the read.

So, tomorrow is the final recap of the year. I hope you’ve been enjoying this review. Stay in your seats and buckle up! We’re not done yet!




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