Favorite Posts of 2010 Part 2

29 12 2010

Isn’t this fun? Reviewing my blog posts from this past year sure is a pleasure. Yesterday we covered some highlights from the first few months of this year. So today I’m bringing you The Best Of 2010 Part Dos: April through June. The spring was upon us and the Caps were done with the playoffs.

April actually had my favorite blog post I have yet to write. That’s right. My favorite. The BEST yet. It had plenty of good pictures, wasn’t too wordy, and a lot of people commented on it. It was genuine, Grade A CAPSLove.

And then there was my worst day of the year. Talk about extremes that month! That day I almost lost my job and was generally in an awful mood. But hey- you all know about it now, thanks to this blog!

And then came the month of May. And I fell in love. In May I discovered my new musician obsession. These don’t come around very often, so this was a monumental occasion of infatuation.

May also brought one of my all-time favorite posts of the year. In that post, I explored a song that basically everyone knows. But I played DJ and discovered a ton of amazing versions of this classic.

In June, I played my best ever game of kickball. I know this doesn’t say much for most people, since adult kickball leagues tend to focus on drinking copious amounts of alcohol and hooking up, but there is still a reason it’s called Kickball.

I also somehow managed to find a pretty cool music video which happens to be a scene from a movie I’ve never seen before. This movie really intrigued me and I still want to see it, and have yet to. But the music video clip is pretty great and I explain why.

Tomorrow we cover July, August, and September! It’s the end of summer and there are sure to be some valuable gems in there. So don’t touch that dial!





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