27 12 2010

This week’s edition of Thoughts From Last Week is going to be a little abbreviated. You may notice that there are not as many thoughts here. Or at least, there are not as many that I have kept track of for this here blog. Reason is, that this week has been cut off at Friday, excluding the weekend.

You see, beginning Saturday (or for many of you- Christmas) I went away on a fabulous trip to Florida. Miami, to be exact. By the time this is posted, I should probably be getting on a cruise to the Bahamas actually. (I know, lucky me. But I’m sad I’m missing potential snow!) Anyways, below are a few juicy tidbits of TFLW…


“‘I’m so excited for this random day in December! Oh. It’s Christmas…’ -My little brother because he didn’t know what day Christmas is.”

“I just chewed a piece of gum for 5.5 hours. That is a new record. Update: the next day my jaw really hurt. Go figure.”

“What is it about women who sing in the bathroom stalls?! Even when they know they are not alone. So odd. But thanks for the concert!”

“‘I just took your brother out to breakfast.’ -My mom

‘At 4PM?’ -Me

‘Well, at 3PM…- My mom”

“I think it’s weird that I will never experience Christmas the same way Christians do. I will never consider it a “National Holiday” like Christians do. I will just never be on that mutual wavelength as so many people are with Christmas.”

[At the Caps-Pens game] “Papa Johns is giving away pizzas to those who are loud and excited. That’s what she said!”

“I dreamt my family was moving into a huge three story apartment. For some reason the apartment had a enormous public restroom as big as a Wall-mart and all of the stalls were out of toilet paper. But I did find one stall with toilet paper, but instead of a toilet there was a chamber pot-colander. Yes, a chamber pot with holes in it. And the stall door was a flimsy shower curtain. You had to like pee into the colander which had a funnel to be directed into a drain. So I dreamt we were moving to this (otherwise) grand place and I was really excited to show it off to all of my friends. But I kept forgetting that it was a six hour drive away… in Ohio.”




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