Future Writing From The Past

24 12 2010

Oh boy oh boy am I a clever one. Ok, get this- I am currently writing this blog post “yesterday.” That’s right, I am writing this post from the past. And the past says hello! I know this is going to get confusing, so try to keep up. When this post as well as any post next week goes up on CAPSLove, it will have been written from the past. I am currently (Thursday evening) writing a bunch of blog posts which will be up on this site in the future, or in tomorrow’s case: today.

It’s sort of like a “I’m My Own Grandpa” of writing.

But really, it’s not that confusing. Basically I’m writing a bunch of blog posts now (today’s yesterday) about what will happen to me in the future. I am essentially predicting the future in my blog. It’s pretty weird, writing a blog post for the future, using past tense to describe something I have yet to experience!

But I do this for you, my faithful readers! I am going on vacation on Saturday (tomorrow’s tomorrow) but I don’t really want to leave my blog empty all week! So I’m trying to get as much blogging out of me now, so that later you can continue to frequent CAPSLove and see new material! How fantastic!

You’re welcome!




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