Christians Treated Like Jews

23 12 2010

I read a pretty sad article in the newspaper this morning about Christmas in Iraq this year. Since the attack on Christians back in October, where a church in Baghdad was targeted, leaving 68 dead, Christians have been living in fear. Apparently Islamic extremists are to blame, bringing about a lack of religious freedom in a country already in enough turmoil.

I think it’s pretty sad that there are people who have to live in fear because of their religion. It’s not enough that living in Iraq is frightening enough. Currently however, those who in most other countries would be considered the majority, fear their lives because their religion is not accepted by everyone to an extreme point.

Some people may think that it’s odd for me to be writing about Christians and Christmas with it being a couple of days away, and since I do not celebrate the holiday. But that’s not the point of this current event. The point is that since I too, am considered a minority by my religion, I can almost relate. -Almost, since luckily, I don’t have to fear my life during the holidays, but I do acknowledge that there are many who have to deal with that.

Actually, the fact that Iraqi Christians have been restricted to their holiday festivities is pretty reminiscent of basically every plight that the Jews have been through in their religion’s history. From the Pogroms to the Nazis, to Skinheads and the KKK, Jews have been threatened because of their not accepted religious choice. But at least the choice was (sometimes) present.

You know what this post calls for though? A song. Music brings people together, and I haven’t included a song on my blog in a while. So, happy holidays, and may you cherish your freedom. Be thankful that you have freedom and choice and your life!




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23 12 2010

The title of this article…… *facepalm*

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