Obsessing Over October

22 12 2010

So I’ve been kind of freaking out lately. I feel like I am running out of time to plan for something that I generally need a full 12 months for, and currently I only have 10 months. Time is running out and I’m pretty concerned. You see, the past couple of years, I have decided upon a Halloween costume pretty much a year in advance, assuring I would have all year to find that key piece to complete and make my outfit.

This past Halloween I remember at one time having a bunch of possible back-up ideas. However, I only remember one of those back-up ideas now, and while it could be fun to dress up as an old lady, I feel like I could do better. Many people consider Halloween to be the one time where you can “get away with” dressing in your sexiest and skankiest outfits, and I realize that a grandma is pretty much the opposite of that notion.

This past weekend I held a brainstorming session with my two younger brothers to help brew up some possible Halloween costume ideas. There were a few decent ideas. Speaking of my last post (127 Hours), a great Halloween costume could be Aron Ralston, just after he cut his arm off. You could easily take your arm out of one sleeve, and make it all bloody looking. You could make up your face to look dehydrated and bloody and such. And you could carry a video camera around and maybe even your severed arm. Honestly, I really like this idea. It uses current pop culture and it’s got that Halloween spook to it. But I don’t really want to dress like a guy, so this possibility is going on the back burner for now.

Another funny idea I had was to be a cat from the well known musical, Cats. The costumes in that show are unbelievable and thus, giving myself plenty of time to create this costume would be useful. I’m not entirely sure how I would go about making this costume though, but I imagine it would require a leotard and a lot of fake fur. It might not be the easiest costume to make but if it is successful, it could be amazing.

Or I could do the super lame thing and buy a pre-made costume at a store. I kind of strongly dislike this idea, because I always favor creativity and originality. Always. However, last fall I spotted a hilariously amazing costume which I did kind of fall in love with. Granted, it was actually meant for a child, but that might have been why I liked it so much. At Pottery Barn Kids, they had this amazing shark costume, complete with head-covering and a body piece with a shark fin. While most would just wear a store-bought Halloween costume once or twice, I think  I would try to wear this as much as I could get away with.

And then there are the other random ideas that have been floating around in my head. I’d love to be a Flamenco dancer, just so I could wear the dress. I think being a traditional Day of the Dead girl could be fitting and creative, however, I’ve seen this done too often to claim originality. Yet, none of these costume ideas seem fantastic enough to pursue and I feel like I really need to settle on an idea right away, to ensure a successful costume for my favorite night of the year. Please! I realize I am probably the only one who is fretting about a holiday that isn’t for almost a year; but if anyone has any awesome ideas, I’d love to hear them!




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