Friday Fun Food Facts

17 12 2010

Today I’m going to bring you and short and sweet and savory post. Last night I was watching a show on The Travel Channel called, “Bar Food Paradise.” It educated me on everything I never knew I wanted to know on such classic fare like nachos, potato skins, Buffalo wings, and chili. So below are some of the very interesting and delicious things I learned from the program. Bon appetite!

  • The first nachos were made from home-made chips made of fried flour tortillas cut into quarters. They were topped simply with aged Wisconsin cheddar and a pickled jalapeño pepper slice on each chip. These nachos were created with everything separate on each chip, so each nacho was it’s own individual bite. (As opposed to current recipes where the cheese and toppings are spread all over chips in a more messy manner.) Later, other toppings such as salsa, beans, guacamole, and meat were added.

  • Loaded potato skins were first introduced by T.G.I.Fridays in 1974.
  • Every Labor Day, Buffalo, New York has a Buffalo Wings Festival. Some of the events include a wings-eating contest, Miss Buffalo Wings pageant, bobbing for wings in a kiddie pool full of blue cheese dressing, and of course a trophy for the best wings.

  • Barney’s Beanery, a bar in West Hollywood, California, is known famously for its chili and its historic patrons. Many celebrities have been to Barney’s. Janis Joplin ate her last meal there before she died and Jim Morrison got kicked out for drunkenly peeing on the bar.

That’s all for now, folks! So next time you order another classic dish at a bar, now you’ll know a little bit about it, too! There’s nothing like being educated while you chow down on some comforting, bar grub!




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