13 12 2010

Boy oh  boy am I a creative one. I know that for a few weeks now, the title of this section, “Texts From Last Week” has been misleading and lame and generally, not ideal. So this past week while thinking up a better name for this segment, I came up the greatest name. So here is the name change: Thoughts From Last Week. This way, the acronym can stay the same, and the title is less confusing and now everyone should be happy campers! So here are the latest, “Thoughts From Last Week!”


“No matter how cool it looks, fingerless gloves are NOT appropriate for under 35 degree weather. No if’s and’s or but’s.”

“New flavor profile: fried potatoes and cinnamon/nutmeg in lieu of applesauce. Speaking of which, does applesauce go bad? Eight months old?”

“I just want to be someone’s ‘girl.'”

“Today I was too lazy to change my socks. I wore them straight through the night too.”

“I admit I don’t know what, Tron is, but it sure looks like, The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest, which by far is one of the most epic cartoons ever made.”

“Is it weird that I’m currently craving plain noodles? It’s like I’ve digressed to a picky two year old.”

“What’s the point of having a Third Eye Blind? That band’s name is one, big hypocrite.”

“Cutie Patooie is the new best rhyme.”

“I had a dream that I was wearing black leggings and I thought I was so cool. I decided I was going to wear leggings the next day. And then I realized I don’t own leggings!”

“I just witnessed 60 or so kindergarteners and first graders sing the Dynamite-Channukah song during Music class today. They were stalling for time, while waiting for the teacher to arrive and some kid suggested it. Love it.”




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