Getting Hurt By Doing Nothing

9 12 2010

Yesterday I set a new low in my odd, injury-laden life. Now, fortunately, I have never had the misfortune of breaking a bone (other than my toe, which hardly counts). Yet, somehow I manage to injure myself in some pretty unusual ways.

Take, the time I went to the E.R. for spraining my finger while playing Pool. Yeah, that game with the Eight Ball and pool cues. Granted, I wasn’t really playing the correct way, but nonetheless, that is a pretty tame game.


One of those balls rammed into my finger. Ouch.

Or how about the time I attempted to play Shuffleboard. Shuffleboard is probably one of the most boring, slow-paced sports out there. Shuffleboard is the game which you see most popular with senior citizens. How I managed to trip and possibly permanently injure myself is beyond me.


Old people and Shuffleboard go together like peanut butter and jelly.

But yesterday came a new low. What did I do this time? Absolutely nothing. I was waiting for the Metro and when I took a step onto the train, my knee tensed up and felt stiff and in an immense amount of pain. That was not the first step I had taken that day, and I didn’t walk in an abnormal way.

So this is what I think may have happened: yesterday at work, my office was frigid. I made the apparently bad choice of wearing footwear that wasn’t a boot, thus leaving my legs rather cold. This is not something unusual that has happened to me, as I frequently find that parts of my body get cold. But I can deal, so I don’t fret. I think that over time and then walking out into the cold air, that perhaps my muscles froze or something. And then after walking a few steps, my muscles gave up on working and decided to fail me. So I suffer from frozen muscle or something.


This is a pretty good representation of how I felt.

I’m sure there is a real medical term for whatever happened to me. But I am clueless as to what it could be. My knee feels like it could be sprained, though I am not in that much pain. It could be that I twisted my knee, except that no actual twisting happened. Could it be that I pulled a muscle? Perhaps, but I didn’t strain myself in any way. Basically, I am just left …out in the cold (a-ha, pun!) about what caused this mysterious pain in my knee.




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