Sam Cooke Plays In Baltimore

8 12 2010

While watching the Ravens vs. Steelers game this past Sunday, I noted the pro’s and con’s of the game in this earlier post. I knew I was going to forget something in the post, and sure enough, a few hours after posting the article, I remembered something pretty monumental about my introduction to football. As that was the first time I had watched the Ravens in action for a full game, I wasn’t familiar with their team of pretty awesome players.

During the game, I kept hearing the announcers talk about a player, Sam Cooke. Sam Cooke? As in one of my all-time favorite soulful musicians? It couldn’t be. And yet, that was the name they kept saying. I got pretty excited. I exclaimed that I was going to get myself a jersey with his name on it. How cool would that be?!

So I scanned the TV for the player with “Cooke” on the back of their jersey. And then I saw my mistake. Apparently, although his name was pronounced the same as the famed musician, his name was really spelled, “Koch.” Oh, that changes everything.¬†Still, Sam Koch’s name was being said a lot. And it still made me think of Sam Cooke. Plus, Koch is a punter. A punter is someone whose sole purpose in the game is to punt (or kick) the ball. Since I feel like I could play that position, I can “relate” to Koch. And even better, Sam Koch is good looking!

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