Sam Cooke Plays In Baltimore

8 12 2010

While watching the Ravens vs. Steelers game this past Sunday, I noted the pro’s and con’s of the game in this earlier post. I knew I was going to forget something in the post, and sure enough, a few hours after posting the article, I remembered something pretty monumental about my introduction to football. As that was the first time I had watched the Ravens in action for a full game, I wasn’t familiar with their team of pretty awesome players.

During the game, I kept hearing the announcers talk about a player, Sam Cooke. Sam Cooke? As in one of my all-time favorite soulful musicians? It couldn’t be. And yet, that was the name they kept saying. I got pretty excited. I exclaimed that I was going to get myself a jersey with his name on it. How cool would that be?!

So I scanned the TV for the player with “Cooke” on the back of their jersey. And then I saw my mistake. Apparently, although his name was pronounced the same as the famed musician, his name was really spelled, “Koch.” Oh, that changes everything. Still, Sam Koch’s name was being said a lot. And it still made me think of Sam Cooke. Plus, Koch is a punter. A punter is someone whose sole purpose in the game is to punt (or kick) the ball. Since I feel like I could play that position, I can “relate” to Koch. And even better, Sam Koch is good looking!




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