Sad News For Hopeful Caps Fans

8 12 2010

I’ve been avoiding writing today’s post because I have been wallowing in such truly disappointing news. Perhaps I am the last to find out and maybe you already knew. But as I lay in my bed this morning, listening to the radio, I heard some very depressing news that really shook me. Up until this morning I had hope, but now the situation is pretty bleak.

What I’m referring to specifically, is something on DC101’s Elliot in the Morning. Shock Jock morning show host, Elliot Segal, was discussing a trip he took with Caps player, Brooks Laich to Toys R’ Us to shop for gifts to give the charity, Toys For Tots (listen here). The story seemed all fun and games (no joke intended) until Elliot started to discuss his reaction to Brooks Laich’s girlfriend. Yes, what many fans knew of the last remaining single guy on the team has taken up with a lady-friend. Apparently the team Ladies Man, is now taken.

And just no ordinary lady-friend at that. Elliot recalled that this woman had legs longer than Elliot was tall. And she had teeth more white than he imagined possible. Elliot also commented about how he was acting like a fourth grade boy around the most popular girl in his grade, when he was around Brooks’ new beau. Elliot even claimed that she was so stunningly gorgeous that if she weren’t with Brooks, he would marry her in a heartbeat (no matter, that Elliot is married, with children).

So today is an unhappy day for all those fans like myself, who somehow thought they could win over the Caps player formerly known as the one who’s too-good-looking-to-be-single. On the hopeful side however, I do not know any more details about this new female in his life, so perhaps she’s new to him and they aren’t very dedicated to each other. Maybe there’s still a flicker of a chance to date Brooksie. But alas, in the meantime, I will just have to settle for merely gazing at his dreamy pictures…




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8 12 2010

This is sad news, but I hope he is happy with whomever he chooses to have in his life. If only human cloning technology was available to the masses, and Brooksie would agree to donate his DNA…

18 04 2011
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