Reasons I Like/Hate Football

7 12 2010

One of my 2010 New Years Resolutions was to learn the sport of football. I admit that I have gone my life without knowing even the basics of the game, and since I have become quite a sports fan, and since football is so popular in the U.S., I figured I might as well give in and learn a thing or two. A few weeks ago, on my trip to Cleveland, I watched half a Cleveland Browns game as some family members explained the basic gameplay to me.

On Sunday, I went over to a friend’s place to watch my first ever football game in its entirety. I was determined to learn the game some more. I was taught some of the rules and each of the many positions of the sport:

But while watching the game, I decided that many of the aspects of the game were either pretty cool or super lame. I bring to you a novice’s pro’s and con’s of the game of football, through the one game I have seen of the Baltimore Ravens vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, December 5, 2010…


  • I knew that football was popular with the ladies because of the players’ tight uniforms. I have never seen so many guys’ butts (in tight pants) in so little time.

Just one example.

  • I hate to say something positive about the Steelers, being the Ravens fan that I am, but the Steelers’ kicker, Suisham is pretty cute. I was pleasantly surprised.

He's also Canadian!

  • The Ravens have the coolest colors (black and purple) and thus, coolest uniforms and best logo. We are able to rock the color purple without it looking girlie.


  • The quarterback who has the cool Buzz Lightyear arm thing that lists the plays. How cool! It like, pops up and you can have things written on it. It’s like the coolest contraption ever for a sport.

Totally influenced by Buzz Lightyear.


Football player from the future!


  • Football players are such drama queens! Take for example, “Big” Ben Roethlisberger and his nose-breaking incident. Whatever, it probably hurt, but Alex Ovechkin’s broken his nose what, like eight times? No problem.  The Washington Post reported a fantastic Ovechkin quote about the last time he broke his nose mid-game:

“Today was special day,” Ovechkin said after the team doctor went to work on his nose, which he broke for the fifth time. “I broke my nose, I have stitches, I score four goals. Everything go to my face.”

True Champion.


Drama Queen.

  • Ravens’ star Quarterback, Joe Flacco, disappointingly enough, isn’t so good looking.

I tried to find one of the better looking pictures of him, but he still doesn't cut it in my books.

  • I asked a football fan-friend of mine, who was another supposed good looking player on the Ravens, and Billy Cundiff’s name was offered. I actually think he looks a lot like a young, Haley Joel Osment, so I’m going to beg to differ.

Looks like Haley Joel Osment.

Looks like Billy Cundiff.

  • The kicker looks like his job is a piece of cake. Very rarely have I seen them not get a field goal. They probably have the easiest position of the team. Heck, I could probably kick the ball like that.

This should be my future shirt.

  • For that matter, the Tackle have a pretty easy job too. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to take someone down. My Sunday game-watching partner pointed out to me however, that these guys are hundreds of pounds, pretty tall, and are wearing pads. Whatever. There is no padding on their legs. Just hang onto their legs, weigh them down or trip them, and that man is down. Sure it seems dangerous, but that’s what the position calls for. You’ve got to be fearless to tackle down someone. I’m just saying it doesn’t look difficult:

Go for the lower extremities or try to trip them.

  • The football basic game play goes by so slowly. Thinking about how much I like hockey, this game in comparison to that, has way too many stops in play. Whereas hockey is a faster paced game. Hockey is constantly in motion, also due in part to the play on ice.
  • WHAT ON EARTH is up with running the clock?!? I can’t stand it. While I’m contrasting football with hockey, in hockey, a play can be made in just seconds. A goal can be scored very quickly. But in football, the plays take more than a couple seconds. Things take time. Players need to draw out everything. It’s so annoying.

There are probably more pro’s and con’s to the game that I can think of, but that’s all I got for now. Maybe in the future will be a part two. Maybe I’ll write about how much greater the Ravens are than the Steelers, just on mere principal, alone. I’m kind of looking forward now, to watching more football and actually sort of knowing what is going on.




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31 12 2010
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4 02 2011
kevin blumer

i dont like football atall i bet ameriacan football is better than the birtish at least yous lot get to see a bit action

4 02 2011

British football (or soccer for us Americans) is actually a sport I prefer. I think there is more action in Soccer, and I like that the game is a faster pace. The scoring may be infrequent, but I think the game is slightly more exciting.

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