6 12 2010

Another week had come and gone and I surprised myself with more texts than I thought I’d gather. You see, I’ve been spending every single second of my free time reading. I am going to a book club tomorrow to discuss a book, which I didn’t receive until yesterday. And the thing is, the book being discussed is about a book that I have been reading all last week. It’s pretty crazy. So like I said, it’s pretty amazing I had time to stop and record some texts. And not only did I have a good number of texts from last week, but a few of them are quite long, at that! But enough of my jibber jabber. Let’s take a look!


“Woah. Walking on the National Mall along 7th street and I had to slow my pace to allow a small, scurrying shadow float in front of me. With no street lamp nearby, it looked like a leaf being blown across my path by the wind. But then why was that the lone leaf to be moved? Turns out it was a small mouse running in front of me. Sure glad I didn’t squash it with my flats -for the both of our sakes.”

“I’ve realized that one of the greatest feelings is satisfying a food craving. I was really craving turkey chili today and on my break, I got a cup of some at CalTor. It was a glorious feeling, consuming the spicy, hot goodness.”

“I’m experiencing some sort of Twilight Zone on the Metro this morning. I am standing a couple feet from a guy whose face looks exactly like my little brother’s face. I know it isn’t my brother however, because for one, he’s in a different state, but two, the body is different. But the face is identical. I kind of want to go up to him and ask him his name, but I’m too shy and that’s awkward. Still, it’s rather curious!”

“I love hearing what little kids say when they are in the bathroom with their mom. Very funny conversations!”

“Alex Ovechkin came up with a new word when he was being interviewed by Al Koken during Saturday night’s game: ‘I was playing with comfortableness.'”




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