Breaking News: Breaking Pipes and Breaking Streets!

3 12 2010

Like every other morning, I woke up and went to the bathroom. But I noticed something was amiss. The hot water coming from my sink didn’t come on right away, and when it did, it was at a very low pressure. The toilet was also not able to flush. I thought that was odd.

My roommate asked me if I too was experiencing low water pressure, since she was as well. Being one of the senior members of my apartment, I informed her that this had never happened to me before. On the elevator ride down to the lobby, others were discussing their lack of water and pressure, though one lady commented that her shower was fine. Another man said how he heard it wouldn’t be fixed for days. That’s when I realized this wouldn’t just be an apartment malfunction.

When I walked outside, I first saw water flooding the streets. It reminded me of the great Snowpocalypse earlier this year when all of the snow was melting, only this water was coming down the streets in gushing streams. And it was coming from one direct source. I followed the mini river and noticed that police cars were parked in the intersection near my building and the streets were closed. This was more serious than I had imagined. And then I saw it. A parked car was tipped and had fallen half-way through the road. It appeared that the road had collapsed, creating a sinkhole filled with water. A broken pipe was beneath it. And thus, a water main break was occurring.

More details can be found in this early article posted online. I stopped to check out the damage and take some pictures, which I will post hopefully soon. In the meantime, below is the most dramatic picture taken from that website. You can see how the car had fallen into the street in a pretty surreal fashion.

Guess you could say this is literally, breaking news!




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