2 12 2010

I received an email from my co-worker this morning which said the following:

Hanukkah, hockey, and reggae…CRANK THIS!

There was also a link in the email to a youtube video. I had no idea what to expect. But I was expecting it to include those three words. Three things I am fond of. So it couldn’t be that bad. I clicked the link and it took me to the following video…

Upon first inspection, I noticed that it was a song by the Chasidic Jewish Reggae star, Matisyahu. I have heard a few of his songs, but I haven’t found myself to really like his shtick.  But this song has totally changed my opinion. Not only is the song super catchy and fun, but um hello- the video includes hockey which is a major plus for me.

And it dawned on me that both Chanukah and hockey have one thing in common: a famous miracle. For the Jewish holiday, the miracle is the reason for the eight days and nights of celebration: a small bit of oil lasted eight days and nights to light a menorah in a destroyed temple. For hockey, the miracle was dubbed, The Miracle On Ice when the U.S.A. hockey team won a medal game vs. team Russia (against pretty much all odds) in 1980 Olympics.

I find it pretty great that both my religion and one of my greatest passions share a common thread, a miracle. So not only is there this pretty fabulous link, but for it to be a miracle, is pretty amazing. Miracles in general are a great thing, but when they tie together awesome events in history, it’s even better. Here’s one more miracle, while I’m at it:




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