Caps Lose Their Flash

1 12 2010

Yesterday, while I busy typing away about Pokemon, a very sad piece of news was occurring within the Caps franchise. It seems that a trade was made just yesterday that took away my brother’s favorite Caps player, Sloshenberger. What? you don’t recognize the name? How about Schlosberg? Or Sloschenburg? Nope? Doesn’t ring a bell? Try, Tomas “Flash” Fleischmann.

I was a fan of Tomas for a number of reasons. First, at 26, he’s only a year (and a couple of months) older than me. He was also special to me, because he is from the Czech Republic, the same country that my first hockey love, Robert Lang is from. And with his goofy, Leprechaun looks, he seemed to be quite a memorable character.

Yes, it seems that Caps’ long-time defender, Flash, has moved on. While my brothers and I mourned the leaving of Flash, it seems not everyone is so somber about the news. And it’s not a total loss, since the Caps did get a player in return from the Colorado Avalanche. But I’m not too thrilled with the player we got, Scott Hannan, whose Google Image search of their name brought up this:

LOLOL How unfortunate...

Yeah, that’s too bad. But apparently it’s for good reason. Not so much anymore, but Mr. Hannan did used to sport a terribly ugly 90’s longer hairdo:

Ok, but harsh words aside, Scott has cleaned up his look (see here) and looks mighty ready to be joining such an awesome team like the Caps. So, since there is nothing us, Flash fans can do, let’s see what interesting and exciting facts I can dig up about our newest player…

  1. Hannan  was on the WHL West First All Star team, his rookie year, back in 1998-1999.
  2. In 2002-03, he was in the NHL All Star game. (This coincidentally, was the year I first got into hockey.)
  3. Hannan has only been with two other teams before the Caps; first the San Jose Sharks, and then the Colorado Avalanche.
  4. Mr. Hannan is a fresh face to the team, since he has only been in the Western Conference before, a part of the league, the Caps don’t frequently get to see.
  5. He was born on Jan. 23, one day before my little brother’s birthday. However, unlike my little brother, Scott is 31 years old.

So hopefully, Scott can better fill the spot that Tomas left the Caps with. Apparently the Caps have been searching for a great defenseman, so if Scott can be what the Caps have been looking for, then I trust GMGM (General Manager George McPhee)’s judgement. And anyways, it won’t be long for our parting with Flash. The Caps play his new team, the Avalanche at home in D.C. next Saturday the 11th!




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