December Can Only Mean One Thing…

30 11 2010

December is near; only one day away. This is the time of the year that many people look forward to. People are getting excited, the weather turns colder, different music gets pumped into our brains, and many children around the globe have only one thing on their minds. That, my friend is something I have recently been made aware of, and it is called, “December: Annual Pokémon Profile Picture Month.”

The Facebook event page has simple instructions: “Make your profile picture a picture of any Pokémon of your choice.” The event currently has over 1,00 people attending. This is to last the entire month of  December. It is truly, pretty exciting.

You see, I was at one time, a huge fan of Pokémon. I had a number of the trading cards, used for the card game. I tuned in regularly to watch the cartoon show which started it all. I had a few Pokémon toys. I saw the first movie in theaters, and even got (and still own) the soundtrack. When the fad seemed to lose steam, and I got older, I began to lose interest. But lately, my little brother has been getting (back) into the Pokémon world and it has been slowly sucking my interest back.

So if you ask me if I will be partaking in changing my facebook picture next month to a Pokémon, my answer will be yes. As I scoured Google’s images of Pokémon, I found a few great contenders to best represent me in the coming month. So to celebrate the upcoming cheer, below is some of the best (see, funniest) Pokémon fan art I have seen:

awkward and cute, just how i like 'em.

I am *pourd* of it too.

Emo Jigglypuff. Haha.

omg LOVE.





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