29 11 2010

Maybe it was the food coma. Maybe it was because we were tripping on tryptophan. Or perhaps it was just the company of others of whom I haven’t seen in a while. Thanksgivings are known for all of those things. But what you may not know is something else such holiday weekends are known for. At least in my family, holidays are a source for some pretty amazing and memorable quotes. So among this edition of Texts From Last Week are a good sampling of such gems…


“Sometimes I wonder if I am missing out on some part of life by not owning an mp3 player of sorts.”

“Smells I like: melting candle wax, vanilla extract, fresh baked bread, chocolate, hay, snow, victory.”

“Red sledded huts!”

Abraham LinkedIn!”

“I just had an awful thought: I hate it when I see a font that I can name/recognize.”

“The saddest thing is playing hide and seek by yourself.”

“Obamument- the monument of Obama, aka: the Capitol according to my little brother.”

“‘Kissing’s my favorite food.’ -dumbest lyric of all of the musical, Oklahoma!”

“‘Non-stop water experience!’ – A water park being described in a pamphlet about a cruise to the Bahamas. ‘You know what a non-stop water experience is? Water boarding.’ -my little brother, again.”



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29 11 2010

I’m honored!

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