Tryptophan Immunity

26 11 2010

During T-Day 2010, I witnessed the surprisingly strong power of tryptophan. For those of you unaware of what tryptophan is, it’s that mystical thing in turkey that makes people drowsy and tired after consumption of the popular Thanksgiving meat. I say that tryptophan’s power was surprising, because for some reason I thought I was above and beyond its influence. Among the more memorable moments that came around the family dinner table was my incorrect belief that I could overcome the power of turkey’s ability to summon those to sleep, like a scene from, Sleeping Beauty.

The following is a conversation I had with my parents shortly after Thanksgiving dinner:

Me: I think I’m immune to the tryptophan in turkey. You are all so tired and I feel fine! Mwah ha ha ha! I have defeated the turkey! It must be because I have turkey everyday!

Mom: You do?

Me: Yes! I eat a turkey sandwich every day at work for lunch!

Dad: Oh, me too!

Mom: Well THAT must explain why you’re always tired at work!

Me: …Oh.  Maybe I should stop eating turkey everyday then… Nevermind. The turkey strikes again!

As a spoiler to the story, shortly after this discussion, I too succumbed to tryptophan’s unbeatable control, and too, found myself battling to keep my eyes open (unsuccessfully).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In other news, one of my all-time favorite songs has always been, “Turkey in the Straw.” Since it is obviously appropriate for Thanksgiving, below is a fantastic version I have found for your viewing pleasure…




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