Pre-Emptive 2011 New Year’s Resolution

23 11 2010

While I realize I still have another month and then some until it’s really New Years, I have still been thinking about some things I would like to achieve in the next year. Some resolutions, if you will. Currently I can only think of two resolutions, both of which are pretty lofty. The one of which I am focusing on today is that I want to travel. I aim to go to some specific places next year. Most of this traveling is in our wonderful U.S. of A.

Specifically, I aim to travel to the southern regions of our country. I have already bought a plane ticket to go to Florida (Disney World, here I come!), so I can for sure achieve my goal of going to see my friend in Florida. There are two other places I have been wanting to travel to recently. After the amazing movie, “The Princess and the Frog” came out last year, I’ve been hankering to go back to New Orleans. I went there a week or two before Hurricane Katrina hit, and the experience was very fun and memorable. The other place I have been wanting to travel to is Los Angeles. On my list of places to travel to in the USA, this is the place I would most like to visit. I have never been to L.A. and with my keen interest in celebrities, and fondness for doing junky, tourist activities, I feel like L.A. is right up my alley.

Other possible trip ideas include Texas, Nashville, and New York City. My best friend is also planning on moving back to MD/DC from Tacoma, Washington (state), so another cross-country might be in my future. That would be awesome. I love road trips.

Click here for a larger view. This image is pretty fantastic.

So I’m pretty excited about the possibility of traveling so much next year. I think that by making traveling such a priority in my life and marking it as a resolution, there will be a greater chance I will actually pursue it. Hopefully this resolution won’t fizzle and lose steam before the new year has even begun. Boy, would that be ironic and disappointing. But like I mentioned, with one trip’s ticket purchase already complete, that motivation should carry me through successfully. Here’s to 2011: a year of travel!





One response

7 01 2011

Thank u so much for posting this map!!! It’s just what I wanted to find, ‘cos this summer I’m also coming to USA. ThAnK yOu!

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