22 11 2010

Welcome to the 14th edition of, Texts From Last Week! As you might have read, last week was pretty rough on me at work. Thus, it should come as not surprise that last week’s crop of texts are pretty strange and silly. There are a few odd quotes of mine. The stress from work really seemed to have melted my brain, bringing some of the most entertaining texts yet…


“The only thing sadder than (resorting to) drinking when depressed, is doing so alone.”

“I am sitting in between some Jell-O Jigglers (two people constantly laughing and shaking the pew we’re sitting in) and a lovey-dovey couple who doesn’t understand the no talking during a concert rule.”

“I live in the immediate. In the RIGHT now. I can not easily plan my life more than a week in advance. If a new person comes into my life, I can not think that a relationship with that person will extend beyond a few days. This is not because  I may be doubtful, it’s just that I do not wish to forsee that far ahead into the future.”

“Yes, that’s French they’re speaking, but these kids aren’t French. They’re American!” – Muzzy commercial. [Just something I was randomly thinking about.]

“I can’t really imagine being married. I just want the wedding.”

“It kind of baffles me that someone would pay more for a drink (with alcohol) than an entree at a restaurant.”

“I think my eyes have double chins.”

“If I could have any super power, it would be the ability to hear what song was stuck in someone’s head.”

“I’m just gonna come right our and say it: there are a number of my friends whom I have a crush on. That is all.”




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