The Greatest New Food

19 11 2010

This week I wanted to get something slightly new at the grocery store. I was feeling adventurous. I wanted a fad-food of sorts. Something along the line of green or purple ketchup. Something familiar but with a surprising twist. Like, “oh I know that taste, and I know how to eat it but, wwait…what’s going on here? I think I like this odd, new and not quite necessary change.” Yes, that was the kind of fun, new item I was hoping to purchase.

I got the idea for GoGurt a while back. I saw the commercials on TV and somehow became a captive 5 year old, just like the target the product’s marketers were aiming to seek. I was intrigued. Yogurt that was able to be eaten without a utensil? Tell me more! It was portable. There was no need to worry about the ever-occurring problem of a punctured, leaked container in a lunchbox. The inventors here were really onto something!

And then, a few weeks ago, as I was leaving my part-time job as a Kindergarten teacher, I saw one of my pupil’s siblings so content with life, with a GoGurt package hanging pleasantly from his mouth. Wow. I wanted that. I wanted to be that happy little kid, just sucking away at a tube of yogurt.

So I went forth, and bought such a fascinating food item. Upon my first consumption, I learned that it still tasted like the normal yogurt I was used to eating. Somehow, I sort of thought that since this stuff was for kids, it would taste slightly different, but I guess yogurt doesn’t need to be made any differently. Kids already were eating the stuff. And then I remembered seeing an ad on TV about putting your GoGurt in the freezer. Apparently the GoGurt would thaw out by lunchtime, making your snack the right temperature. I’m not really sure why normal refrigeration wasn’t sufficient though.

But I took that thinking one step further. I didn’t want my GoGurt thawed, I wanted it frozen. I figured I could have simple frozen yogurt this way. No need to worry about the container going into the freezer, or being able to chuck a spoon into a rock-hard frozen treat. I figured I would be able to eat my frozen GoGurt much like the Push Up popsicles.

I left my GoGurt in the freezer for some time. (I don’t remember how long exactly.) I think it was in there for a day and a night. Within the 24 hours, I pulled the GoGurt from the freezer and let it thaw maybe a minute or two, just so that my hands weren’t incredibly cold when I held it. (Granted, I was maybe a little too eager to try out this treat, so my hands ended up being pretty cold as I ate it. Gloves may have been helpful.) Frozen GoGurt turned out to be a major success. Not only did I feel like I was eating the same stuff you get at an ice cream truck or frozen yogurt place (maybe I was), but this was much cheaper and just as satisfying, if not more. Yes folks, frozen GoGurt might just be my new favorite snack.

Hats off to you, GoGurt creators. I love this stuff.




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