Coach With The Best Name Is Fired

17 11 2010

Yesterday I read a somewhat-upsetting and disappointing bit of news in the paper, concerning the professional hockey world. Yet another hockey coach has been fired. Fortunately, it wasn’t the Caps’ coach (heaven forbid!) or really any team’s coach that plays in the Caps’ division, but nonetheless, the news was still note-worthy. The team is the New York Islanders, also known as NYC’s “other hockey team.” The coach that has been fired was Scott Gordon. So why do I care?

I have always thought that Scott Gordon has the best name. Scott Gordon just sounds like a name meant for the sports world. It’s short, quick, easy to say, easy to read, and also, just kind of fun to say. It is similar to NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon, but, “Scott” versus “Jeff” has a more crisp ring to it. And I find it only appropriate that a sharp name like, Scott Gordon is associated with a fast-paced, cool sport such as hockey. Scott Gordon, I hope to see you in the NHL in the future, and I will be sad not to see you behind the Islander’s bench.




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