The Franco Family Saga Continues…

15 11 2010

After my last (exciting) post about going to potentially meet James Franco’s grandma, many people have been sitting, waiting, wishing. I have heard that you all have been anticipating my next blog post as to what happened next. While the most recent happenings may not follow the predictable outcome you are hoping for, I feel like this story line is also good and is more drawn out and suspenseful.

So, I went to Cleveland Saturday morning. I was to call Mitzi Verne upon arrival in the morning to plan out a possible meet-up. I called up Mitzi and she told me that she was only free on Sunday at noon. I was disappointed because I had thought she would be available on Saturday. You see, Saturday was the day I was spending with my grandpa on the side of my family who had the close connection with the Verne’s. I was hoping that I would be able to meet with Mitzi when I was with the side of my family which was relevant to such a visit. I told Mitzi I would have to call her back, since I had to then call up the other side of my family with whom I’d be spending time with on Sunday. After talking to the other side of my family, I decided that Mitzi would unfortunately have to play second fiddle to my own family and original plans I had made. There was what I thought to be a lack of time issue on Sunday, since my flight home was in the early afternoon.

Later Saturday evening I called Mitzi back and told her that unfortunately, I would be unable to meet with her the following day. We were both disappointed. She informed me that she was however, the president of the Official James Franco Fan Club and that instead of getting to meet with her in person, she could send me some (signed?) items from the fan club. I thanked her and excitedly told her my address. (How cute is it that James Franco’s grandma is the head of his own fan club? Love it!)

I then told Mitzi that I was thinking of going back to Cleveland next month so perhaps we could try for that time to meet up. Mitzi asked me what days I would be back and when I told her, she said that she should be free then, since that would be just before she was taking a trip. Apparently this trip involved going to Florida with her daughter and grandson (i.e: James Franco and his mom). After I hung up the phone with Mitzi, I realized that I too, will be going to the same area in Florida at the same time, so wouldn’t it be neat if my family could meet hers? (And thus, I could meet James Franco, himself!)

After getting off the phone with Mitzi, I thought about how it was still pretty disappointing that I was not going to be able to meet with her during the time I was in Cleveland over this past weekend. After some thought and more planning, I figured that there actually would be time for me to see her, so I changed my mind and called her number back. But Mitzi had told me during our last conversation that she was just on her way out, so instead, I got her phone mail. I left her a message saying that I was sorry I kept changing my mind about making plans with her and that if she had not already made plans for Sunday at noon, that perhaps we could revive the original plans to see each other.

I waited all night and the next morning to hear back from Mitzi. Unfortunately she never returned my call. I debated calling her back on Sunday, but I didn’t want to bother her and since we had last concluded that it wasn’t going to work out, I didn’t want to pester her over my going back on my word.

So while, I didn’t actually get to meet Mitzi Verne over the weekend, I wouldn’t call the correspondence thus far, a failure. This way, hopefully we can continue our friendly conversation and I should/will be receiving mail from her too. She does still seem eager to meet me, which is great. It’s nice to know that while I’m excited to see her, the feeling is mutual. It’s also pretty neat that she really does like gushing about her grandson, James. She just sees him as her successful grandson, not as a famous movie star! It’s great and it’s adorable that the family gets along so nicely!




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14 12 2010

we all grew up here in town with mitzi. she is a very nice normal person. i know you are enthralled with her grandson. we all are.

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