15 11 2010

Texts From Last Week edition #13 is going into abbreviation territory. What do you think? Does it look dumb? I realize that “TFLW” are not letters that can be easily read out loud. “Tifflew?” “Tuffliweh?” Yeah, not so great. But I figured I’d give it a shot. You know what else I’ll give a shot at? Bringing you last weeks texts. I know how you love them so.


“Gah! I just saw a guy walking toward me who I swore was an ex of mine. He looked just like him and was walking in a place that I wouldn’t be surprised to see him. Thankfully this story has a boring ending: it wasn’t him.”

“I just got off a Metro train after staring at a man during the ride who looked very timid and with cautious and soft looks. When he lefty the train with me, his friend said, ‘Bye Sheldon!’ His name was Sheldon? What the perfect name for this man! He was exactly what a Sheldon would look like!”

“I feel like if I had a body meant for an athlete, I’d feel guilty if I wasn’t an athlete. Specifically if I were over six feet tall.”

“‘My daughter’s going to be turning four on her birthday.’ -some lady on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. When else would she turn four?!? Dumb.”

“‘It’s my favorite. My mom picked it out! We both like Spider Man.’ – Mites on Ice red team goalie about his goalie helmet decorated like Spider Man’s head.”

“‘Who is that? He looks like a Halloween costume!’ -me, about the New York Jets coach.”

“If you think about it, we are never told Snow White’s name. There is no way her real name is two adjectives. Pretty sure her first name is not Snow. That would be too weird.”

“The Spanish word for suitcase, equipaje, will forever be my favorite word in Spanish because I love the sound of it spoken.”

“So weird! There’s a family sitting near me and my friend at the Double T diner on route 40 in Baltimore and they were totally just on the same flight I took from Cleveland to BWI tonight. The diner isn’t even near the airport. Either they followed us or they also were craving some diner food. Strange…”




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