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5 11 2010

Unlike, my Song of the Week feature, today, I am bringing you my two new favorite songs which I have been listening to since last night. Both songs are from the Baltimore(!)-based group of Hipsters, known as Animal Collective. Avid readers of CAPSLove may remember music from them being posted (twice) on the Song of the Week, and previously in a post about how amazing a video of theirs is.

I admit that Animal Collective’s music is not for everyone. It can be beyond trippy at times, and often excruciatingly repetitive. Sometimes, I find it a wonder that their songs can get stuck in my head, especially their less narrative ones. (For example, “My Girls” found in my Song of the Week page, or even, “Fireworks” with the lovely lyric, “And the frightened babies poo.”)

First off is the song, “Cuckoo Cuckoo” and after that is the song, “Derek.” Both are off the album, Stawberry Jam. “Derek” is much less repetitive and almost like an old Scottish folk song at times. About halfway through, when the song changes it’s rhythm, the song gets a more playful and flirty tone. “Cuckoo Cuckoo” on the other hand is more like the pure, unadulterated music that Animal Collective is known for. Songs which are heavy on the electronics and have an other-wordly music composition. Both are fantastic. Have a listen:




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