Caps Game Successes

4 11 2010

Last night I went to my first Caps game of the regular 2010-2011 season, and boy was it an overall success! While the Caps may have given up a 3-1 lead (much like last year’s playoffs against Montreal. Ugghhh), they were still able to pull out a win in a true nail-biter game! The night’s experience was full of some superb highlights which I will review below.

  • I went with my roommate. She’s awesome and dating a hockey player now which kind of makes her my hero. She was the third roommate of my apartment for me to take to a Caps game. So the company was good.
  • We decided that going to a Caps game required drinking, but were turned off by the whopping $8.50 beers sold in the Verizon Center. But thanks to The Green Turtle’s psuedo-location in the stadium, we were able to consume our beverages for a few dollars cheaper! Way to beat the system.
  • Last night was Free Scarf Giveaway Night. A few years ago, the Caps did the same giveaway and I was determined to get myself a free scarf. However, when I got to the entrance, the scarves were being handed out like hot cakes and I tried to make my way through the crowd to snatch one up before they ran out. They had just a few more and a kid squirmed his way in front of me. I thought about pushing the kid out of my way, but decided against looking like a total jerk. So that game I was sans scarf. Ever since that unfortunate day, I have vowed to get a free scarf the next time they gave them out. So last night I got a scarf! It was pretty darn exciting.
  • The plus side to going to any game where the Caps play a Canadian team, is that they sing the Canadian National Anthem. Why is this a plus? Because I happen to really like this song.
  • The Caps scored 5 goals, thus ensuring that everyone in attendance could redeem their ticket at the restaurant, Glory Days, for free chicken wings. While this is pretty awesome, apparently there are only two locations of this place, inconveniently not located near the Metro. One if near Frederick and one is near Springfield.
  • Speaking of the Caps scoring, yeah we won! Like I had mentioned, the game was pretty stressful. First of all, it really seemed as though all of the players were skating in slow motion. It was not a fast-paced game until we hit overtime. Many players were fumbling around mindlessly with the puck and falling down on the ice. The Caps’ DJ King got into what could have been an exciting fight, but all he basically did was Bear Hug the other guy and it was rather lame for a the fighter that he is.
  • Second of all, the scoring was all lopsided throughout the game. The Caps had a great shot on the net within the first few seconds of the game, but Toronto had the first and only goal of the first period. The Caps responded with three goals, and had a 3-1 lead at the end of the second period. But Toronto rallied in the third and the score was then tied at 3-3. After each of the teams scored another goal, we were bound for Overtime. Even with a Power Play in the sudden-death OT which made for a shooting gallery-like game, the Caps were still unable to register that winning goal. So…we took it to a shoot-out. Backstrom, couldn’t pull in a goal, but the Crushin’ Russian duo of Alex’s, both got goals and put the Verizon center crowd into a celebratory mood.

And what do I chalk up to the Caps’ win last night? The fact that I was wearing my lucky red shoes, of course! They had broke two years ago, and on that day, the Caps lost a game. The shoes were in sad, broken shoe-graveyard for all of last year as I dumbly thought I could search for a replacement pair that wasn’t broken. But this year for Halloween, I got them fixed for the third time, and revived my lucky Caps shoes. And in they made quite a comeback, as they didn’t fail me last night. Go Caps!




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